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Space Probe Day

Today is the Space Probe Day! On that day in 1961, the citizen of the Soviet Union, senior lieutenant Yuri Gagarin, on the "Vostok" spacecraft, made the first orbital flight around the Earth. 108 minutes that have become the World history.

Preflight phrase "Poekhali = Let's go!" became known and understandable to the whole world, and today we want to wish you to say by yourself this phrase as soon as possible and go on a long-awaited and desired journey! ⠀

And of course, we are waiting for you in Moscow, be sure to visit VDNKH complex, where, in addition to the famous fountains and endless alleys, you will certainly find everything related to the international history of the exploration and conquest of outer space by man! And all of these are located very close to our Apart-hotel VOLGA, so now bookmark this publish as not to lose it!

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