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Thank you for your love!

In this hard period it's extremely important to feel your LOVE and SUPPORT! We would like to THANK you for spent time and left pleasant reviews! It helps so much and makes us to feel up! We started this year with 8,5 points on, and now, this April we've got so mush warm support from you, that it caused increasing of our total score up to 8,6!

We are looking forward to our new meetings with you and the moments when our Apart hotel Volga is sounded by all languages of the World! It will happen again for sure - just it's needed to put up with the situation.
And while...we are waiting for you, we are trying not to waste time and preparing for you NEW ROOMS and something special else! ;-) To make you feel more cozy and comfort while staying with us! We love you! ♥ 

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