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Children Menu

120 gr. Salad Olivier (for children) 90 rub.
Potatoes, cucumbers, eggs, chicken breast, mayonnaise
160/30 gr. Salade "Chipollino" 180 rub.
Vegetable salad: сherry-tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet pepper and sour cream
160 gr. Vitamin salad 110 rub.
Carrot, apple, raisins and sour cream
200 gr. Noodle soup with chicken 90 rub.
Egg noodle, chicken
200/20 gr. Pumpkin soup 120 rub.
Сream soup with pumpkin
Hot dishes
110 gr. "Humpty-Dumpty" 120 rub.
Omelette with сherry-tomatoes and ham
100/100/30 gr. "Motley Pullet" 170 rub.
Chicken rissoles with mashed potatoes
180 gr. Colored bowtie pasta 90 rub.
Pasta, olive oil, cheese
120/50 gr. Sweet pancakes 120 rub.
Hot pancakes with sour cream and syrup
180 gr. Biffin 240 rub.
Baked apple with honey and nuts
180/30 gr. "Tutti-frutti" 130 rub.
Fruit salad with whipped topping