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Hot dishes and garnishes

Hot dishes of meat and poultry

75/75/150gr.Beef Stroganoffof beefwith mushrooms and potatoes"Pushkin"650 rub.

Pork chop


170/30 gr.Boiled dumplings with sour cream150rub.
150gr.Chicken Schnitzel "Milanese"250rub.

Hot fish dishes

125/50gr.Salmon steak grilled with"Pink Pepper" sauce950rub.
330gr.Baked pikein theMoscow460rub.


150 gr.Vegetables stewed100rub.
150gr.Grilled vegetables 210rub.
150gr.French fries100rub.
150gr.Potatoes fried with mushrooms and onions 170rub.
150gr.Potatoes boiled with herbs70rub.