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Hop On Hop Off Citysightseeing tour

Hop On Hop Off general sightseeing tour allows you to plan your own route of excursion around Moscow. Hop On Hop Off means you can get on and off the bus at any public transport bus stop in the direction of the route. Audioguide includes 8 languages: English, Russian, German, Spanish, French, Chineese, Arabic, Italian.

Passangers aren't pegged to a certain date, time or place of embussing point. They can get on at any bus stop listed below. Ticket duratuion: 1 day (today only) or 2 days (today and tomorrow) starting from the first hop on the bus, depending on the price. Bus stops for double-decker buses generally situated next to Moscow metro stations. You will find our bright red double-decker buses effortlessly at public transport bus stops.

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You can order excursions over the phone:

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Route #1 - Bolotnaya sq., Serafimovich st., Prechistenskaya emb., Volkhonka st., Gogolevsky blvd., Arbat sq., Znamenka st., Mokhovaya st., Okhotny Ryad st., Theatre sq., Lubyanka sq., Red Square (Vasilievsky Slope), Balchug st., Sofiyskaya emb.

Route #2 - Bolotnaya sq., Serafimovich st., Big Stone Bridge, Mokhovaya st., Vozdvizhenka st., Novy Arbat st., Kutuzovsky av., Ukrainsky blvd., Taras Shevchenko emb., Europe sq., Bolshaya Dorogomilovskaya st., Borodinsky Bridge, Smolenskaya st., Smolenskaya-Sennaya sq., Smolensky blvd., Smolenskaya sq., Novynsky blvd., Novy Arbat st., Gogolevsky blvd., Soymonovsky lane, Prechistenskaya emb., Kremlin emb., Moskvoretskaya emb., Kotelnicheskaya emb., Goncharnaya emb., Krasnokholmskaya emb., Novospassky monastery, Podgorskaya emb., Yauzskaya st., Big Ustinsky bridge, Sadovnicheskaya st., Balchug st., Bolotnaya st., Bolotnaya sq., Sofiyskaya emb., Balchug st. It will take only 5-10 minutes by foot to get from our bus stops to the main Moscow sights.

Duration of excursion: route #1 - 1 hour, route #2 - about 2 hours.

Starting and finishing point of all routes: Bolotnaya emb., next to the Repin monument, over against Luzhkov bridge.


Moscow boat excursions became peculiar one-of-a-kind visiting card of the city. Travelling along Moscow river you can see historical and cultural centre of the city, familiarize with picturesque city landscape in no time and without traffic jams.

"Kievsky vokzal" quay - "Novospassky bridge" quay

"Novospassky bridge" quay - "Kievsky vokzal" quay

"Kievsky vokzal" quay - The Kremlin - Kotel'nicheskaya emb (U turn, without a stop) - "Kievsky vokzal" quay

Walking tours


Choose the route about Moscow metro and you'll find out why our subway is the most beautiful in the world! "They built Palacies for rulers, and we will build Palacies for people!" - said one of the main architectors of Moscow metro once. Take your chance to see the most wonderful subway stations of Stalin age: Ploshchad Revolyutsii, Komsomolskaya, Novoslobodskaya, Mayakovskaya! Our professional guides will lead you through a crazy maze of stations and connecting passages.

Get acquainted with the legends of Moscow metro and learn a lot of hilarious stories! How many children were born in the metro? Where did the belt-line come from? Where is the secret Metro-2? You'll have a lot to tell your friends, for sure!

In this tour you will see:

- Ploshchad Revolyutsii, with magnificent sculptures of soviet people.

- station Kurskaya pavillion, Temple of victory in the World War the Second.

- Komsomolskaya, with an amazing mosaic at the ceiling.

- Novoslobodskaya, with its underground stained-glass window.

- Mayakovskaya - UNESCO World Heritage Site


Moscow was the capital of Soviet Russia for over 70 years. Streets of the city are still full of repercussions of Stalin's years and "cold war" - inspiring fear soviet fortress protecting the dimocracy in Russia by this day.

Visit the tour over the communistic Moscow and get acquainted with sadly known building of KGB on Lubyanka, famous building of Moscow Criminal Intellegance Department on Petrovka street, museum of history of GULAG and many other soviet sights directly in the centre of the city.

Find out for yourself hidden pagges of the soviet history from Revolution to Perestroyka. Stalin's terror and secret prisons of KGB, Khrushchev's "ottepel" and "cold war", Perestroyka, destruction of Soviet Union and many other things are in our tour Communistic Moscow!

In our tour you will see:

- Headquarters KGB on Lubyanka.

- Solovetsky Stone, the memorial, dedicated to victims of political repressions.

- Bolshoy Theatre.

- Tverskaya street, the main street of the country.

- Eliseevsky store, the most imporatnt store of the USSR.

- Moscow Criminal Intellegance Department on Petrovka street, 38.

- Museum of Revolution.


Moscow streets are full of amazing stories and legends about wizards and free masons, underground vaults and ghosts, girls of easy virtue and famous criminals. Ironically the most mysterious and romantic places in Moscow Chistye prudy and Kitay-gorod nowadays are the centre of Moscow night life. If you are tired of traditional touristic routes and want to see something new this tour is for you! During our night tour you will know some spicy stories and get acquainted with the hidden sight of Moscow and feel the night life rhythm.

In this tour you will see:

- Underground constructions: Metro-2, bunkers, storehouses and anti-aircraft defence points

- Russian houses of free masons and places of worship

- The real Zero Kilometre

- K.G.B. prisons in the city centre

- The old criminal region Hitrovka

- Devils place where the pagan temple was situated

- You will try Russian beer, lemonade and classic Russian pie with meat or cheese


You should definitely visit Kremlin the fortress in the city centre which used to be the residence of tsars and Soviet Union leaders and nowadays a residence of the President of Russian Federation. It is the most beautiful castle in our country where the history is alive. You will see all places of interest which were not included in the Free Tour: ancient cathedrals, well-known Tsar Bell and Tsar Cannon, wonderful palaces of Russian emperors. Feel the spirit of the Kremlin Palace the place where the most important decisions of the 20th century were taken. Visit the Kremlin with us we provide the best service with the lowest prices.

In this tour you will see:

- Senate Building, the Presidents residence

- Assumption Cathedral of 15th century

- Cathedral of the Archangel

- Ivan the Great Bell Tower

- Tsar Cannon and Tsar Bell, two the most strange monuments im Moscow

- Presidential Palace and the Grand Kremlin Palace