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Accommodation rules

Accommodation rules in the Apart-hotel Volga.

1. General information.

1. This document has been worked out in accordance with the rules for the provision of hotel services in the Russian Federation approved by the Regulation of the Government of the Russian Federation of 09.10.2015 #1085 and the Law of the Russian federation “On Protection of Consumer Rights”.

2. Apart-Hotel Volga (hereinafter- the Hotel) is the property complex of LLC “Volga Hotel”, acting on the basis of the Charter, the Certificate of the record to the Uniform State Register of Legal Entities, the certificate of the hotel Conformity to the category of “***” (three star).

3. The Hotel is intended for the temporary accommodation of guests for the period agreed with the Hotel’s administration.

4. Check in and check-out procedure is provided 24 hours.

5. Accommodation in the Hotel is possible only after the prepayment for the whole period or in part of guest's stay. Payment is made in Russian rubles only in cash, by Bank transfer or by Credit Cards. 6. The accommodation is prolonged after the check-out hour in case vacant rooms are available.

2. Hotel Reservation.

1. Hotel's Administration has the right to conclude contracts for booking a room. If the rooms are available the administration accepts bookings from legal entities and physical persons by email, phone, fax or any other means proving the Consumer’s identity.

2. At the hotel apply guaranteed or non-guaranteed reservation:

2.1. The guaranteed reservation – its type of booking, where the Hotel is valid for the guest during the first 24 hours of accommodation before the check-out hour of the day following the check-in date. If the guest fails to arrive or performs late (untimely) cancelation of the reservation, the Hotel returns the advance payment to the guests, with the deduction of the first night of accommodation, but not more than one night and in accordance with the Hotel’s reservation terms.

2.2. The non-guaranteed reservation – its type of booking, where the Hotel is valid until 18:00 (6:00 P.M.) local time of the indicated check-in date. If the guests fails to arrive before 18:00 (6:00 P.M.) local time, the reservation is automatically canceled. The Hotel’s obligations on the accommodation discontinue, and further accommodation is performed on equal basis, subject to availability of rooms.

3. The reservation is considered valid from the date of customer's receipt of the confirmation letter containing information about the reservation number, the name of the Hotel, the customer, and category of the room, the terms and conditions of accommodation, the calculation of the booked accommodation cost.

3. The cancellation policy.

1. Cancellation policy for legal entities: reservation can be cancelled or modified free of charge 24 hours before arrival date. Otherwise the penalty of 100% for the first night is charged. Any amendment of reservation by legal entity should be confirmed by the Hotel in written form. Otherwise the earlier confirmed reservation will be cancelled and a new one reservation will be made.

2. Guest should inform the receptionist in advance (not less than two hours before 12 pm) if he/she reduces his/her period of stay. Calculation of the accommodation is proceeded according to the subclause # 5 of these Rules.

4. Procedures for formalizing accommodation and provision of services.

1. Guest may be checked in to the Hotel at any time if there are rooms available. There is routine break in the period from 23:40 (11:40 P.M.) to 00:40 (12:40 A.M.) (night audit), which lasts under 40 minutes.

2. The registration of the accommodation in the Hotel is performed upon presentation of the passport of the Russian Federation citizen, birth certificate for the persons under 14 years old. Residence permit for stateless persons, national passport, visa or permanent resident card, migration card for foreign citizens.

3. The types of rooms in the Hotel include the room of Corporative category appartments, Business category appartments, “Volga” appartments and "Delux" appartments. The rooms have the equipment, furniture, bedding and other accessories, sanitary fixtures to ensure the accommodation conditions envisaged by the requirements to 3-star hotels.

4. If the Hotel cannot provide the room in accordance with the conditions of the confirmed booking, the Hotel provides the guest with the hotel room of higher category without additional charges, but only one night.

5. Upon putting up at the Hotel, the client receives his guest card and electronic key for the paid term.

6. Cleaning and towels is performed in the Hotel on a daily basis. Changing of linen is performed in the hotel an once in three days.

7. The following services are provided to the guests at the hotel free of charge:
- Accommodation of children up to 6 years old (including) without extra bed is free of charge;
- Emergency call;
- First aid kit;
- Boiling water, sewing kit, a set of dishes and cutlery on request;
- Delivery of the correspondence to the room;
- Wake-up call;
- There are safes in rooms;
- Baggage room during period of stay.
Keeping things in the Baggage room is allowed one day before check-in and one day after check-out upon written request of the guest in a free form with contact details.

8. In order to provide save accommodation, the Hotel administration has established access control, that is, access to the Hotel accommodation area is obtained by way of using guest cards.

5. Payment for Accommodation and Services Rendered.

1. Room price, payment methods and additional services are determined by the hotel price list that is valid by the moment of servicing and is approved and signed by Management.

2. Daily payment is admitted in the Hotel. Payment for the next night should be made by 12:00 noon of the current day by the Moscow time. Check in time is 14:00 (2:00 P.M.). If a guest stays less than 24 hours the payment is charged for a whole day.

3. If a guest checks in from 00:00 (12:00 A.M.) till 12:00 noon, the calculation is as follows:
- from 00:00 (12:00 A.M.) am till 12:00 noon 50% of the rate is charged;
- from 12 noon till 14:00 (2:00 P.M.) check in is free of charge in case the rooms are available;

4. If a guest stays more than one day, the calculation is as follows:
- late check-out from 12:00 noon till 18:00 (6:00 P.M.). — 50% of the room rate;
- late check-out from after 18:00 (6:00 P.M.) — 100% of the room rate.

5. If the guest refuses the accommodation within 30 minutes from the moment of check-in to the room, the full cost of accommodation in the room is returned to the guest. The money is returned to the guest under the condition that the guest has not used the room, after inspection of the room in the stipulated manner.

6. If the guest refuses the accommodation later than 30 minutes from the moment of check-in, payment for the first night of accommodation is not returned to the guest.

6. Accommodation Rules.

1. The guests shall follow the present Rules established by the Hotel.

2. For the purpose of observing fire safety rules, the guests of the Hotel are forbidden to:

2.1. Keep flammable materials in the room or highly toxic substances.

2.2. Keep electric devices on when leaving the room.

2.3. Cover stand and table lamps when those are turned on.

3. In accordance with the Paragraph 5 of Part 1 of Article 12 and the Paragraph 3 of Part 7 of Article 19 of the Federal Law of Russian Federation from February 23, 2013 № 15 "Protection of citizens from the exposure of tobacco smoke and the consequences of tobacco consumption" smoking is prohibited on the territory and in rooms of Apart-hotel "Volga”. Recovery fee of 5000,00 RUR will be charged to your bill for the smoking in the room.

4. With the purpose of maintaining order and safety of the Hotel’s guests, it is forbidden to:

4.1. Access the accommodation floors without guest card.

4.2. Leave unauthorized persons in the room in the guest’s absence.

4.3. Disturb the hotel’s guests.

4.4. Infringe the sanitary regulations and requirements in the Hotel room and respect public order.

5. The guests shall be careful with the property of the Hotel.

6. Video surveillance system operates at the hotel. Please take note of the secure cameras use in all areas of the hotel (except for private rooms and toilet cabins).

7. For Visitors to stay in the room from 11:00 (11:00 A.M) till 23:00 (11:00 P.M). without the one-time pass issued in the stipulated manner; at the time of the issuance of the pass, such persons shall present to document confirming their identity. If such guest does not have the document proving his or her identity the meeting shall be held in the hotel lobby. The staying of the invited guests within the period from 23:00 (11:00 P.M.) is allowed only upon their registration in the stipulated order and payment for accommodation.

8. Accommodation in the hotel is allowed to disabled persons with their guide dogs.

9. The hotel reserves the right to determine, if it is possible to keep a specific pet in the room in accordance with the rules accommodation with pets in the Hotel (Annex 1).

7. The Rights and Duties of the hotel Guests.

1. In case the guest finds any flaws in rendering services, he or she is entitled to require from the Hotel administration at his or her choice:
- free of charge elimination of the flaws;
- equal replacement of the service.

2. Damage assessment will be based on the Hotel price list for property damage according to the Law of the Russian Federation.

8. Duties and responsibilities of the Hotel Management.

1. The Hotel's Administration is not responsible for loss of guests' valuables.

2. If the guest is absent at his or her accommodation place more than 2 hours after check-out without payment of additional charges, or any things are found that have been left by the guests, the hotel administration establishes the commission to conduct the inventory of the property in the room. The client’s property is put to a storage room.

3. In case of forgotten things, the administration takes measures to return them to their owners. If the owner is not found, the administration puts the lost property to the safe. After 3 month the lost property has to be destroyed according to the Administration’s act.

4. In case a guest is sent to the hospital, the Hotel’s administration removes the guest’s things out of the room, writes the description and ensures its safety. The Hotel leaves the room for guest in condition of payment.

5. The book of comments and suggestions is located within the accommodation service and is available upon request.

6. The written claims and comments of guests are considered by the Hotel administration within the period of the month from the date of their receipt.

Annex №1 to The rules of accommodation in the hotel at LLC "Volga Hotel"

The rules of keeping pets in the Hotel.

1. It is forbidden to stay in the Hotel with wild animals.

2. Accommodation in the Hotel is allowed to disabled persons with their guide dogs.

3. The hotel reserves the right to determine, if it’s possible to keep a specific pet in any hotel room. The word “Pet” includes animals under 7 kg.

4. When checking in to the hotel with pets, the guest shall read the “Rules of accommodation with pets” and put his signature proving the agreement with the rules.

5. Guests arriving to the Hotel with pets shall have the certificate from veterinarian with the mark on all vaccinations and produce the Pet Passport as per standard form.

6. Accommodation with pets in the Hotel room is allowed on the basis of one pet per one room.

7. The guest who arrival with pets, undertakes:
- Ensure the observance of sanitary and hygienic norms and regulations in the rooms on the Hotel territory;
- Such guest shall have special mat or cage for the pet;
- Such guest shall have a special tray for feeding;
- Such guest shall have a special tray for toilet.

8. It’s Forbidden:
- To use the elevator of the Hotel with pet;
- Walking with pets in the territory of the Hotel and on the lawns;
- To feed pets of dishes belonging by the Hotel;
- If there is no special cage available to leave a pet alone in the room, in the hotel’s lobby or in the territory of the Hotel;
- To take pets to restaurant and other public places;
- To be with pets without special muzzle for medium dog breeds in public areas;
- To use towels, sheets and other bed linen owned by the hotel after shower pets.

9. Damage assessment will be based on the Hotel price list for property damage according to the Law of the Russian Federation.

10. The Hotel reserves the right to terminate the contract with the guest, who stays with his pet: in case of violating the accommodation rules; - aggressive, noisy or inadequate behavior of the pet.

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