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Conference hall & Loft by Volga celebrates 1 year

Exactly a year ago, our Conference Hall & Loft by VOLGA opened its doors. We will tell the truth if we say that we are very proud of this project, because it contains a part of each of us. The opening was being prepared at a very difficult time, but this new event space became more valuable for everyone. The hall was conceived as a space for various events, and over the past year it has happened! Business events, trainings, birthdays, weddings, corporate parties, tournaments and even a whole series of concerts! And this is the absolute happiness for all of us! Today we want to thank everyone who participated in the life and development of our project! Thank you all very much for your choice, trust and support! So what is next? Further, we are sure, it will be even better, brighter and more interesting!

Happy birthday, Conference hall & Loft by VOLGA!

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