4/1 Bolshaya Spasskaya str., 107078, Moscow




Information about the hotel work during the autumn lockdown

Dear guests! ⠀
During the period of the action of enhanced measures aimed at combating the spread of coronavirus infection in the capital, we would like to inform you that the Apart-hotel VOLGA continues its work around the clock to provide services for accommodating guests, as well as providing services on the organization and provision of meals in full, but only for those who stay at the hotel. ⠀

Also we would like to note that since the beginning of the pandemic, the Apart-hotel VOLGA has been complying with all the requirements and rules established by local legislation: ⠀

- all the staff wears personal protective equipment ⠀

- sanitizers, masks and gloves are always available in all public areas ⠀

- regular disinfection of public areas is carried out ⠀

- rooms are cleaned using disinfectants ⠀

- UV recirculators are installed in public areas ⠀

- special floor markings applied ⠀

- there are regulations for the use of elevators ⠀

And the most important, our staff has been fully vaccinated and is not allowed to work with signs of SARS and fever. ⠀

The health and safety of our guests is a priority in our work! We are also convinced that an attentive attitude towards each other and adherence to all regulated rules will surely lead to victory over the world invisible enemy, and soon we will return to the normal life we all are used to.

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