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It's time to meet and try to see each other in another format! Welcome to our house-party, where the author and performer of one of the main hits of 2020 about the “remote work” - singer, composer, poet and TV-host Rodion Gazmanov will be responsible for the mood of the guests. And even after upper text you should clearly understand that it will be very musical, fun and outstanding!

This year has taught everybody a lot. And while we practically don’t have the opportunity to visit large concert halls, we are trying to adapt to the new realities and find positive things in them! And we are sure you will find it too! A cozy atmosphere, a warm ambiance for communication - this can only be obtained at the chamber- events.

 Guests will enjoy a unique acoustic program, which contains both - famous favorite hits, such as: "Parami (Couples)", "Polyusa (Poles)", "Ostalsya (Remained)", and completely new songs. And this is a surprise, because we are determined to bring you joy and surprise you! Moreover, on the eve of the magic of the upcoming New Year - when it is so important and necessary to bring each other gifts, attention and warmth and, preferably, personally, and not through the screens of gadgets! 

So, the offline house party will take place on the December, 11th (Friday), guests are welcome from 19:00.
Team into deal:

• Vocal – Rodion Gazmanov
• Back-vocal: Vasilina Krasnoslobodtseva
• Percussion: Alexey Sheiman
• Bass: Slava Tsupikov
• Guitar: Denis Porgrebniak
• Sound engineer: Igor Dudenko
• Backstage support, solving problems and LEZGINKA: Anton Taraban

 We invite you, hurry up to book your seat near the table – their quantity is very limited (you understand why…) 

Get you online 


• Special menu with anti-crisis prices

• If your name is ALENA you may get a glass of sparkling wine as a gift (but you’ll have to confirm your name with the document). If your name is RODION you may get a bottle of a 18+ drink on your choice ;-)

• For Moscow guests who would like to stay in the city after the show or come again we offer a discount. The first 2 numbers of the nominal of your ticket is your discount for accommodation from 1 to 3 nights with presentation your concert-ticket. The discount is valid to January, 15th, 2021, can be summed with up to date offers and is possible to be addressed to friends.

ATTENTION: we provide the strong measures against the spread of COVID-19 at the event. In case of detection/suspicion FLU/COLD symptoms and fever, we have the right to refuse you to attend the event. Wearing personal protective equipment is strictly required. If you don't have masks and gloves with you, we will kindly provide them. We care about employees, participants and guests and sincerely want everyone to be healthy. We ask for your understanding and support. We do not recommend attending the event to people from high-risk categories, but we will do our best to ensure the highest level of safety. Be healthy, take care of yourself and each other!

See you at our Loft-hall by Volga! Friday is a very good day!

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