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Accomodation with pets

For many, the four-legged pet is a full-fledged member of the family! How can you leave it at home for the period of a trip? In the Apart-hotel Volga we are always happy to guests with pets! If you are planning a trip with a dog or a cat, please let us know in advance, and we will be glad to welcome you at our hotel. Get detailed information.

The cost of the service "Pet" - 1000 rubles per night.

The rules of keeping pets in the Hotel.

1. It is forbidden to stay in the Hotel with wild animals.

2. Accommodation in the Hotel is allowed to disabled persons with their guide dogs.

3. The hotel reserves the right to determine, if it’s possible to keep a specific pet in any hotel room. The word “Pet” includes small or middle dogs under 7 kg or cats.

4. When checking in to the hotel with pets, the guest shall read the “Rules of accommodation with pets” and put his signature proving the agreement with the rules.

5. Guests arriving to the Hotel with pets shall have the certificate from veterinarian with the mark on all vaccinations or provide the Pet Passport of the standard form.

6. Accommodation with pets in the Hotel room is allowed on the basis of one pet per one room, except for the apartments of superior type: "Superior with kitchen", "Superior without kitchen", "Grand superior", where the accomodation with pets is not allowed.  

7. The guest who arrivals with pets, undertakes:

  • Ensure the observance of sanitary and hygienic norms and regulations in the rooms, on the territory;
  • Such guest shall have special mat or cage for the pet;
  • Such guest shall have a special tray for feeding;
  • Such guest shall have a special tray for toilet.

8. It’s Forbidden:

  • To use the elevator of the Hotel with pet;
  • Walking with pets in the territory of the Hotel and on the lawns;
  • To feed pets from dishes which belong to the Hotel;
  • To leave pets alone without the special cage in the room, in the hotel’s lobby or in the territory of the Hotel;
  • To take pets to restaurant and other public places;
  • To be with pets without special muzzle for medium dog breeds in public areas;
  • To use towels, sheets and other bed linen owned by the hotel for pets.

9. Damage assessment will be based on the Hotel price list for property damage according to the Law of the Russian Federation.

10. The Hotel reserves the right to terminate the contract with the guest, who stays with his pet: (in case of violating the accommodation rules; aggressive, noisy or inadequate behavior of the pet).

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