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Loyality program

We always glad to see you again! Loyalty program of the Apart-hotel Volga will allow you to get a discount on accommodation.

How to get a discount?

Register in the loyalty program on the hotel-volga.ru website when booking a room and get access to your personal account. For registration you will receive a one-time discount of 7%, which can be used when booking accommodation.

Welcome to the loyalty program of the Apart-hotel VOLGA!

The amount of the discount for accommodation is calculated from the level that the program participant will acquire, depending on the amount which was spend on accommodation:

From 50,000 rubles - Bronze level - 10% discount

From 70,000 rubles - Silver level - 12% discount

From 100,000 rubles - Gold level - 15% discount

From 300,000 rubles - Platinum level - 20% discount

To accumulate the amount faster, the personal account of the program participant can be used when booking accommodation for relatives, colleagues or friends.

The program does not apply to special offers, as well as to guests who book rooms through a companies or travel agencies.

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