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Loyality program

We always glad to see you again! Loyalty program of the Apart-hotel Volga will allow you to get a discount on accommodation and in the lobby bar.

How to get a discount?

Register in the loyalty program on the hotel-volga.ru website when booking a room and get access to your personal account. For registration you will receive a one-time discount of 7%, which can be used when booking accommodation.

Welcome to the loyalty program of the Apart-hotel VOLGA!

The amount of the discount for accommodation is calculated from the level that the program participant will acquire, depending on the amount which was spend on accommodation:

From 50,000 rubles - Bronze level - 10% discount

From 70,000 rubles - Silver level - 12% discount

From 100,000 rubles - Gold level - 15% discount

From 300,000 rubles - Platinum level - 20% discount

To accumulate the amount faster, the personal account of the program participant can be used when booking accommodation for relatives, colleagues or friends.

We give a discount in the lobby bar to ALL members of the loyalty program

10% discount in the lobby bar is provided to ALL members of the loyalty program, regardless of the level. To do this, upon arrival at the Apart-hotel VOLGA, you will receive a physical (plastic) card by filling out a short form at the reception.

The program does not apply to special offers, as well as to guests who book rooms through a companies or travel agencies.

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